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Cospa Renewal Saber T-shirt (Black)  

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Cospa Renewal Saber T-shirt (Black) (1)    

SKU/Product Code : COS2086236
UPC Code : 4531894318033
Category : APPAREL
Sub Category : T-Shirt, Tank Top and Hoodies
Series : Fate Stay Night
Manufacturer : Cospa
Retail Price : $37.99
Release Date : Jan 20, 2010
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COSPA is the number one manufacturer and brand name for cosplay / character apparel and goods for anime, manga and games in Japan. COSPA's t-shirts are made of 100% thick layer cotton for maximum comfort and durability. Graphics are printed not just on the surface of the shirt but into the cotton itself. Made in Japan. (Japan shirts sizes are generally one size smaller than their American counterpart, so make sure to order accordingly.)

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