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Domo 5.5" Flocked Vinyl Figures (Olive Green)  

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Domo 5.5" Flocked Vinyl Figures (Olive Green) (1)    

SKU/Product Code : DH15747
Category : FIGURES & DOLLS
Sub Category : Figures/Statue
Series : Domo-Kun
Manufacturer : Dark Horse
Retail Price : $29.99
Release Date : Oct 30, 2008

Following the success of our 8" Domo series, we are excited to ramp up a second series of Domo flocked vinyl figures--this time at 5.5".

Available in limited quantities, our 5.5" Domo flocked vinyl figure comes in five colors: Classic Brown (limited edition), Olive Green (limited edition of 800), Ruby Red (limited edition of 800), Earl Grey (limited edition of 800), and Polar White (limited edition of 500). These fun, furry-flocked figures are fuzzy to the touch, just like Domo.

Format:(limited edition of 800), 5.5" Flocked Vinyl Figure


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