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Marvel BearZ Collectible Bear Action Figure Series 3 Set of 5  

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Marvel BearZ Collectible Bear Action Figure Series 3 Set of 5 (1)    Marvel BearZ Collectible Bear Action Figure Series 3 Set of 5 (2)    

SKU/Product Code : MAR93300
Category : FIGURES & DOLLS
Sub Category : Figures/Statue
Series : Marvel
Manufacturer : Marvel
Retail Price : $99.99
Release Date : Mar 28, 2008

A New Breed of Collectables! In a modern age where almost everything is 'designer', it seemed only fit that the humble teddy bear received a well overdue facelift. Bearz are not necessarily a collectable for your traditional arctophile (collector of bears), but they are just as collectable as their plush predecessors, and are now "bred" for all Marvel fans! Marvel Bearz are born of simple vinyl plastic and have been emblazoned with the costumes of legendary and iconic Marvel Comics characters! They stand at 5" tall, have poseable limbs, and are displayed in unique, frosted acetate packaging. Each Marvel Bearz features a colorful, hidden button on the back of it's head. Some of these buttons are rarer than others, and are covered with a safety cap, so until you have purchased your bear, no one knows what color (or limitation) your button will be. Series 3 of the Marvel Bearz includes: Captain America, Mr. Fantastic, Galactus, The Punisher and Bullseye (not shown). Colors approximate, subject to change.

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