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ZMDC Jiu Gang Falcon 1/6 Scale 12" Figure  

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ZMDC Jiu Gang Falcon 1/6 Scale 12" Figure (1)    ZMDC Jiu Gang Falcon 1/6 Scale 12" Figure (2)    

SKU/Product Code : DAJ00058
Category : FIGURES & DOLLS
Sub Category : 1/6 Scales Figure
Series : ZMDC
Manufacturer : Da Joint
Retail Price : $74.99
Release Date : Apr 8, 2007

Da Joint Zero Metal White Falcon Girl Z1.

"Itís the first zero metal armor to go airborne. It uses magnetic repulsion, enabling the Z1 to remain airborne for long periods of time. The Falcon Z1 is armed with thermo optical camouflage and auto-tracking missiles. The Falcon Unit is made up of female pilots specializing in solo reconnaissance and assassination missions."

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