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Re: Zero Pack Plush 25cm (Set of 3)  

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Re: Zero Pack Plush 25cm (Set of 3) (1)    Re: Zero Pack Plush 25cm (Set of 3) (2)    Re: Zero Pack Plush 25cm (Set of 3) (3)    Re: Zero Pack Plush 25cm (Set of 3) (4)    Re: Zero Pack Plush 25cm (Set of 3) (5)    Re: Zero Pack Plush 25cm (Set of 3) (6)    

SKU/Product Code : SS9101-1
Category : PLUSHIES
Sub Category : Stuffed Plush
Series : Re Zero
Manufacturer : Fans
Retail Price : $49.99
Release Date : Sep 11, 2017

Re: Zero Pack Plush 25cm (Set of 3)

Pack is an Artificial Spirit that Emilia was formerly contracted with.

Pack can be described cute or adorable, thus his skin being pink around his cheeks. His fur is mostly grey with silver in certain spots (i.e. tip of the tail). His eyebrows are pretty small and rhombus-shaped. He also has a gold earring on his left ear. Sometimes, he has purple bag round him.

Pack is generally a nice spirit. He is very happy and stays at Emilia's side to protect her, affectionately calling her "Lia". He goofs occasionally and gets along especially well with Beatrice. However, Pack's demeanor greatly changes in loops where Emilia dies, showing a complete disregard for anyone except her, and was even willing to destroy the world because of the condition in their contract.

Around 400 years ago, Pack was created by Echidna, though he had apparently left her by the time she moved into the Sanctuary. Seven years before the start of the election, Pack unfroze Emilia and began to act as her friend and mentor, and later on started to live at Roswaal's mansion where he was reunited with Beatrice.

Artificial Spirit: Pack is a Great Spirit presiding over Fire Mana. While he was contracted with Emilia, he used to have a number of conditions, one of which was that he would only appear from nine in the morning to five in the afternoon, though he could use her Od to manifest himself in an emergency. Like Beatrice, Pack is also an Artificial Spirit, making him have a terrible mana consumption rate. He used to drain mana from Emilia, who didn't have any use for it until she remembered that she could use magic on her own during the trials, while lying that he was absorbing it from the atmosphere. Pack himself was a Human before he was made into an Artificial Spirit by Echidna and had a contract with her that forbade him from forming a contract with Emilia on his own, however he broke this contract in order to protect her from the effects of his battle with Melakuera, resulting in his memories of the past being sealed.

Star Beastification (Seijuuka): While normally staying in a small size, Pack's true form is a monstrous, 20 meter, golden eyed cat like beast which is dubbed "the Beast of the End". As he needs an incredible amount of mana to stay in this form, he forcibly drains it from his surroundings, causing his surroundings to freeze.

Magic User: Pack is able to use both Water and Yin magic and is also mentioned to use others.

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