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Shantae 1/2 3D Lenticular Wall Art Poster Framed 9x12  

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Shantae 1/2 3D Lenticular Wall Art Poster Framed 9x12 (1)    

SKU/Product Code : YA3D0043
Sub Category : 3D Lenticular Anime Poster (Licensed)
Series : Other
Manufacturer : YES ANIME, INC.
Retail Price : $12.00
Release Date : Aug 25, 2017

Framed 3D image, each image has a complimentary frame design (9" x 12"). Includes mounting holes for wall mount plus easel for desktop display.

Holographic 3 dimensional poster is printed on a plastic-like surface. The images create an astounding animated 3-D look as you pass by.

Image has bright and vivid colors these standout in any room in any light images will change position in any direction. Each 3 D lenticular is deep etched in thick. Plastic measurements are 10.5 x 13.5 inches.

Our 3 D lenticular of plastic board poster offers a good mix of durability, value for the money and print quality. Our custom poster signs can be placed outdoors and could withstand harsh weather conditions.

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