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Kotobukiya jmiewald Stormtrooper(DMG box)  

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Kotobukiya jmiewald Stormtrooper(DMG box) (1)    

SKU/Product Code : KOT900091
Category : FIGURES & DOLLS
Sub Category : Figures/Statue
Series : Star Wars
Manufacturer : Kotobukiya
Retail Price : $99.99
Release Date : Aug 21, 2022

Kotobukiya jmiewald Stormtrooper

They are the Emperor's frontline in maintaining control of a galaxy torn by Rebellion. Trained from birth in the ways of combat, they are the shock troops, intimidators, and cannon fodder of the Empire. Now you can own this ubiquitous symbol of Imperial authority and control in the form of a one-seventh scale pre-painted model kit. So easy to assemble, you can have him guarding your display shelves or desk in minutes. So impressive an life-like, he'll be a source of pride for years to come. Order one and complete your collection, or order ten and complete an entire squad!

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