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Banpresto Dragon Balls Dragonball Super Plush 4 Star Bean Bag 8cm  

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Banpresto Dragon Balls Dragonball Super Plush 4 Star Bean Bag 8cm (1)    

SKU/Product Code : BANP37369S
Category : PLUSHIES
Sub Category : Stuffed Plush
Series : Dragon Ball
Manufacturer : Banpresto
Retail Price : $15.00
Release Date : Jun 30, 2017

Banpresto Dragon Balls Dragonball Super Plush 4 Star Bean Bag 8cm.

The most well known Dragon Ball is the Four-Star Dragon Ball, being the one Grandpa Gohan had and which Goku kept after he passed away, also being the one which Goku put on his first son Gohan's hat. The Namekian Dragon Ball Vegeta stole, and that was later stolen from him by Gohan, was also the Four-Star Dragon Ball. In Dragon Ball Z: Broly - The Second Coming, the Four-Star Dragon Ball is the last Dragon Ball to be collected before Trunks, Goten and Videl summon Shenron, and was also the last ball to be found by Bulma before summoning Shenron to wish back those who were killed by Majin Vegeta at the 25th World Martial Arts Tournament. In the Black Star Dragon Ball Saga of Dragon Ball GT, the first Black Star Dragon Ball collected is the Four-Star Dragon Ball. Later, in the Shadow Dragon Saga, the only good Shadow Dragon, Nuova Shenron, is the Four-Star Dragon.

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