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Dragon Ball Z Gohan Super Saiyan Human Size Wall Scroll  

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Dragon Ball Z Gohan Super Saiyan Human Size Wall Scroll (1)    

SKU/Product Code : GE86432
UPC Code : 699858864324
Sub Category : Wall Scrolls
Series : Dragon Ball
Manufacturer : GE
Retail Price : $33.00
Release Date : Jul 21, 2022

Dragon Ball Z Gohan Super Saiyan Human Size Wall Scroll
Wall scroll is made for durability.
Brand new, beautiful, excellent, high resolution quality Image is printed on Fabric/cloth in full color.
The wall scroll comes with two horizontal plastic rods at the top and bottom of the wall scroll for easy hanging on your wall.
Great item for anime fans to decorate their room.
Dimension approx. 24 X 67 inches.

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