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Kantai Collection -Bath Time Collection Ryujo  

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SKU/Product Code : GSC96138
UPC Code : 4582191961385
Category : FIGURES & DOLLS
Sub Category : Figures/Statue
Series : Kantai Collection
Manufacturer : Good Smile Co.
Retail Price : $35.00
Release Date : Nov 18, 2022

"Time to take control of the seas! Bath Time Collection, move out!"
From the popular 'Kantai Collection -KanColle-' comes the third character to join the Bath Time Collection series of bath toys - Ryujo!
The design is based on an illustration of Ryujo by popular illustrator CHANxCO, and also features a wind-up motor which is designed to work both in water and on the ground! Enjoy the company of the cute Ryujo in the bath or anywhere else!
Warning: This product is not recommended for use in water above 45C (113F). Leaving the product in hot or cold water for long periods of time may also lead to damage. Dry after use.
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