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Kagamine Rin Rubber Straps Cellphone Charms  

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Kagamine Rin Rubber Straps Cellphone Charms (1)    

SKU/Product Code : HBS2011706
Sub Category : Key Chain
Series : Vocaloid
Manufacturer : Hobby Stock
Retail Price : $12.00
Release Date : Aug 3, 2011

Limited quantity! (MIKU-Fes.2011 exclusive)

The rubber straps or cellphone charms measure 50mm x 45mm - a nice convenient size to carry around with you wherever you go - you can attach them to your cellphone, camera, pouch, bag - anything you want to give some VOCALOID flair! They are made from durable soft PVC rubber, making sure that the cute illustrations will stay strong for as long as possible!


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